Kristian Blummenfelt Puts PLASMAIDE to the Test in His Latest Vlog

Kristian Blummenfelt Puts PLASMAIDE to the Test in His Latest Vlog

World-renowned triathlete and PLASMAIDE Pro Kristian Blummenfelt recently shared insights into his training regimen and performance-enhancing strategies in his latest vlog, "I'm Back! Lab testing in Bergen." As he prepares for the upcoming triathlon season with the Santara Tech team, Kristian underwent extensive metabolic testing to gauge his current fitness levels and experiment with PLASMAIDE's effects on his performance.

Throughout the three-day testing period, Kristian demonstrated the impact of PLASMAIDE on his oxygen uptake and endurance. "For the last two blocks in the lab, I used PLASMAIDE," Kristian revealed. "And I had like an increase of 10% in oxygen uptake." This boost in oxygen uptake translates to improved athletic performance, as higher oxygen levels enable muscles to work more efficiently and powerfully.

On the second day of testing, Kristian tested his swimming abilities with an 8x500m swim session. Despite not using PLASMAIDE the previous day, he reintroduced the supplement and experienced a notable increase in oxygen levels compared to the previous day. This rapid response to PLASMAIDE highlights the quick absorption and bioavailability of the liquid formula, allowing athletes like Kristian to benefit from its effects within a short timeframe.

As an elite athlete competing at the highest levels of the sport, Kristian's trust in PLASMAIDE is a testament to its quality and safety. This begins with PLASMAIDE's certification by Informed Sport and firstFlagX, which ensures that it is free of banned substances and assures athletes that they can safely incorporate it into their training and competition regimens.

Kristian's vlog offers a glimpse into the cutting-edge strategies employed by top-level athletes to optimize their performance. By leveraging the power of PLASMAIDE to enhance his oxygen uptake and endurance, Kristian continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of triathlon. With his sights set on defending his Olympic title in Paris 2024, Kristian's unwavering dedication and innovative approach to training make him a force to be reckoned with.

Stay tuned as Kristian Blummenfelt continues his journey to make history and cement his legacy as one of the best triathletes of all time, powered by the performance-enhancing benefits of PLASMAIDE.

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